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What is Kinesiology?


Kinesiology originally developed as a branch of chiropractic practices but has evolved into a separate, specialised, holistic, healthcare practice.


The traditional meaning of the word is “the study of body movement”. In the natural health field muscles become monitors of stress and imbalance. “Muscle testing” is one of the techniques used in Kinesiology. This procedure is a tool for detecting and correcting various imbalances which may relate to mental, emotional or physical stress, nutritional imbalance, learning problems or injuries.


In an ideal environment our bodies are self-healing and self-regulating. In our stressful, fast-paced lives, we don’t afford our bodies the time to naturally rebalance and sometimes the signals between our body and brain become unclear.


Muscle testing monitors the feedback of muscles and detects the expected and irregular muscle responses revealing where a person is battling to adapt or cope in their life.


Listening to your body.


When we are under mental, emotional or physical stress our body talks to us through symptoms or dis-ease. These symptoms are the body’s messenger sent to communicate with us and focus our attention on the fact that we are not living fully.


Disease or dis-ease results from blocking the flow of life and symptoms are the body’s way of dealing with the blockage. Treating the symptoms is silencing your body’s messenger. When we treat symptoms we are stopping the body from expressing. 


The symptom is not the problem! It is just the messenger.


It is important to find out what the message is and what area of your life it is telling you about. Kinesiology is about decoding the messages your body sends you.


Have you ever loved and lost?


While the relationship was going well you had abundant energy, could stay up late, eat junk food and yet felt on top of the world. When the relationship fell apart, you suddenly felt unworthy, depressed, hopeless, angry and became physically ill – perhaps experiencing back and neck pain.


What was the real cause of the pain? Something you did physically “wrong”? Or was it perhaps an outer manifestation of your internal state that affected your physical body?


In this example, if we just worked on the muscles of the neck and back we may be missing the real cause – the person’s inability to adapt to the new circumstances in the relationship. 


It’s important to see the pain, “disease” or negative patterns as a messenger.


In this way we learn to work with our bodies and the messages it sends us. We learn to trust our bodies and to restore our natural self-healing and self-regulating internal ecosystem.


Listening to the messages we are sending ourselves is a vital part of self-care. When we ignore self-care messages we need healthcare.


As a Kinesiologist I work with revealing the message behind the symptoms.

Find Out More


I was introduced to Adelé and Kinesiology in March 2020. I knew little of what to expect but I have an open mind to different healing modalities so I went for a session.


I was greeted by a very friendly Adelé who really made me feel at ease and relaxed. We ‘clicked’ right away which is especially important when you are working with someone – you need to resonate with their energy and them as a person to get the full benefit of any treatment.


Kinesiology to me was like an onion, peeling away at the layers guided by your body through the therapist only exposing or bringing to the core what you are ready to deal with. It also goes into the depths of your past which has assisted in moulding you as a person and perhaps also the reason for certain thought patterns and behaviors you have.


It is all connected.


I learned we need to deal with these issues in order to move forward with grace and ease.

There was a lot going on for me – I had an imminent emigration pending which was very daunting due to the fear of the unknown. I was going through a terrible rough time at work, there was lockdown and Covid.

I always felt like my sessions with Adelé were a safe place and it was absolutely incredible what “came up.” I remember Adelé having loads of files and as we went through each session we would go into detail on the issue or emotion that had to be dealt with. It was uncanny as the right emotion would always show up for me to acknowledge, work through and deal with. Sometimes these emotions get trapped in our bodies and come up as pain, stiffness or irritations and through the kinesiology process these get released. Your body guides the process of healing and dealing with what you need to.


After a treatment you may need some home reinforcement which could be an affirmation, bach flower essences etc.


As Adelé and I worked through the sessions it gave me great clarity on dealing with my emigration in a positive way – I had to deal with many emotions to get there which was hard at times but definitely worth it. The universe responded with various synchronicities to nudge me and reassure me that this was my destiny and I was on the right path. One of these being that I was retrenched so if I ever thought I was giving up my dream job it was no longer there! Having worked through all of this, I arrived in Portugal on 27 November 2020 with a feeling of calm, excitement and peace.


Ready for my new adventure!

Thank you Adelé for the part you played in my journey.


— Yvonne