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Life is a journey, not a destination.

Have you ever thought for a minute what it really means for you?

It became apparent to me a few years ago when most things in my life came to a head; I found myself in the search for so many answers, the search for healing of my physical body and healing on an emotional level.  The challenges and events I faced at that point in time, together with past traumas and unresolved “stuff” that was put in a “later file”.  Well, later has arrived and was now staring me in the face.  


What does one now do?  


Where and how do we even start to find some sort of direction and a way to heal a life time’s hurt, sadness, loss, the need for acceptance, stress, and anxiety? And now physical illness?! 


How and where do you go to find and heal yourself? 


The answer I got to was – one day at a time. 


Before you go on…

I want to tell you that I get the blues too – and they suck! But as much as they suck, they can be great teachers and trust me, once we get through them, we’ll be 



The great thing about being alive is we can take responsibility and change our lives. Before you begin, I would like to ask you a favor. Take a deep breath…


Your mental, emotional, and spiritual diet is equally important, especially in the Information Age. How you feed your mind – how you take in and process information and experience – is vital to health and happiness.


My aim is to provide a personalized treatment plan that addresses your individual health issues and to nurture and guide you towards greater wellness and 


Are you listening to your body?

When under severe stress or emotional stress, our bodies talk to us through symptoms or disease, which results from blocking the flow of life. 


Symptoms are not the problem but merely the messenger. When the symptoms are treated, you can find out what the message is your body is telling you. For example, if you had a loss in your life you suddenly feel depressed, hopeless, or angry and get physically ill. If only the physical illness is treated, you might miss the real cause that the emotional trauma is causing.

I specialize in 3 types of healing modalities that have been developed with a holistic understanding of how dis-ease is created and eradicated in the body:


Bach Flower




Kinesiology Short Courses

your dna is not your destiny

The new epigenetic science reveals that your perceptions control your biology. This places you in the driver’s seat because if you can change your perceptions, you can shape and direct your own genetic expression.

stress made easy

What is stress, and how does the body respond to it? Understanding this will help you and your clients manage your stress, recharge your life energy and recover more quickly from illness and injury.

tibetian energy

You and your clients often want to improve your energy level to help you look and feel better. The workshop teaches a number of techniques originally developed by the people of Tibet to aid healing and improve energy and vitality.