About - Integrative Mind
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About Integrative Mind


Oftentimes we suppress, delay and excuse the way we feel but our feelings are messages that offer us reminders that our systems are out of whack. There are tools and guides available to us to navigate our way back to our true selves.


Integrative Mind integrates a variety of complementary alternative healing practices to assist and support our clients in their journey to a mindful relationship with their energy body. 


Specifically we have found the use of the resources and methods found in Kinesiology, Acudetox (qualified NADA practitioner), Bach Flower and Reiki (specifically Usui Reiki) harmonise well to provide a beneficial environment for supportive healing and growth for our clients. 


Each practice offers therapeutic benefits that encourage rebalancing and strengthens the well-being grid.


Don’t delay and explain your feelings away! Feeling better is possible! Start your healing journey now!

About Adelé

I am a certified, qualified and experienced Kinesiologist, K-Power® Instructor and ICPKP level- teacher based in Edenvale, on the East Rand of Johannesburg.


I specialize in 4 types of healing modalities that have been developed with a holistic understanding of how dis-ease is created and eradicated in the body.


My own awareness, awakening and mind-body health was accelerated and advanced by these practices which is why I’m so passionate about them. 


Having been on both sides of the relationship, I am very aware and cognisant of how sacred the relationship between client and practitioner is. 


Sharing a client’s story and journey is a privilege that I do not take for granted. Each participatory partnership with each client is distinctive and special. The collaborative journey leaving us both changed.


Just as each practice creates a balanced and blended mix of supportive resources, it is important to establish a harmony between client and practitioner in order for successful collaboration to take place.


Let’s get you started on your journey to connected flow!

Contact Adele


Being a cancer survivor, I have worked on a lot of issues through the years.


Adelé was recommended to me by a friend and I have been going to Adelé for a couple of months now. Every treatment is different but I always leave with a WOW.


I worked for many years to sort out my mind. The body holds onto the memories which are so powerful and the release of these memories are mind blowing.


I learnt to go with the flow of the treatment and drink a lot of water before and after all my treatments. Sometimes one needs to just sleep and other times you feel as though a tremendous weight has been lifted off your whole body and you feel lighter.


The memories that one forget come to the surface in a treatment and you just need to be open and help in the release. I have learnt the body never lies.


I have told a lot of people about Adelé and her absolute passion for her clients.


Adelé is there for everyone to help you through your process, for you to understand and release these memories.


I went for a big operation last year and my surgeon was amazed at how quickly I recovered. I can honestly say that part of my quick recovery was due to going to Adelé for treatments to support my body in its recovery.


I can highly recommend Adelé not only for adults but for your children as well.


I feel absolutely blessed to be working through my body releases with Adelé.


— Natalie